2020 Arctic Winter Games

Welcome Team Alberta North

Michelle Deering, Chef de Mission, Team Alberta North
Michelle Deering

Congratulations on being named to Team Alberta North for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games. Your hard work, commitment and skill has earned you a spot as part of Team Alberta North. You should be extremely proud for being selected to compete against the best athletes from across the circumpolar region.

The information presented will give you an idea of what to expect at the Games and help prepare you for the magnitude of an international multi-sport event. You will also meet some of the other athletes, coaches, cultural participants and mission staff on Team Alberta North. We hope you begin to realize just how special an experience you will have at the Games.

Whitehorse and the Host Society have spent years planning and organizing to ensure you have a memorable Games experience. Please show your appreciation during the Games to the thousands of volunteers needed to make the Games happen. Team Alberta North’s participants are great ambassadors for our province and will make all Albertans proud.

Keep training hard over the next several weeks and stay healthy as you prepare for a tremendous performance in Whitehorse, Yukon! If you have any questions or need help leading up to or during the Games, remember your Team Alberta North Mission Staff is there for you and they look forward to supporting and cheering you on at the Games.

See you in Whitehorse!

Michelle Deering

Arctic Games Background

The Arctic Winter Games is/are an international multi-sport festival bringing together athletes from Alaska, Greenland, Sapmi (the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden and Finland), Northern Alberta, Northwest Territories,Nunavik (Northern Quebec), Nunavut, Yamal (Russia) and Yukon.

Map Participating Contingents for the 2020 Arctic Winter Games

The concept of the Arctic Winter Games was developed as a direct result of the experiences of northern athletes at the 1967 Canada Winter Games. Representatives of the Yukon and Northwest Territories realized that their teams were at a disadvantage due to relatively small athlete pools, lack of facilities and infrequent training opportunities. Therefore, the concept of an event specificially designed for northern athletes was born.

The first Games were staged in 1970 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and these Games have occurred every two years since, alternating among the participating contingents. Team Alberta North joined the Arctic Winter Games in 1986.

Games Logos

2020 Arctic Winter Games Host Logo

2020 Arctic Winter Games Host Logo

Whitehorse is host of the 50th anniversary of the Arctic Winter Games in 2020.

AWG International Logo

The Arctic Winter Games International Committee Logo

The International committee logo consists of three interlocking and unbroken cones, which reflect the continuing commitment to the social exchange, cultural demonstration and athletic competition of the people making up the circumpolar regions. The background of these circumpolar cones is the unique wave seen in the aurora borealis, (often seen in this region during the month of March, while the Games are in progress) called the Northern Lights. The aurora is also a representative of the unique qualities in the people and Games of the circumpolar region.

Team Alberta North Icon

Team Alberta North Logo

Team Alberta North's colours are royal blue and white. The blue represents the vast prairie skies, while the white symbolizes winter. The snowflake portrays winter while the lightning bolt shows the power and electricity that Team Alberta North athletes will possess in Whitehorse. The lightning creates the shape of an evergreen tree, in the middle of the "A", symbolizing Alberta's many forests.


Däch'äw, the Games Mascot

Däch'äw, is the mascot of the Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games. The name Däch'äw comes from the Southern Tutchone word for porcupine.

Hodgson Trophy & Fair Play Pin

The AWG International Committee presents the distinctive trophy, a piece of Inuit artwork, to the contingent whose athletes best exemplify the ideals of fair play and team spirit. A narwhal tusk decorated with scrimshaw stands as the trophy centerpiece. A walrus is carved into the soapstone base and wraps itself around the tusk. Near the top, a soapstone bear clings to the tusk symbolizing reaching for the top in competition and fair play.

During the Games, a Fair Play Pin is awarded to athletes, coaches, officials and others from all contingents that strive towards the Games objectives of fair play and team spirit. AWG International Committee members, Host Society Board members, Officials, Chef de Missions and Mission Staff award these pins at their discretion.

Mission Staff

The Alberta North Mission Staff mainly act as a liaison between their assigned sports, the Host Society and Team Alberta North. Mission Staff members also assist assigned sports prior to and during the Games.

Mission Staff Sport Responsibility
Michelle Deering Chef de Mission
Steven Patrick Assistant Chef de Mission, Culture
Cam Berwald Archery, Figure Skating
Katie Biberdorf Arctic Sports, Volleyball (F)
Janet Fairless Badminton, Hockey (M)
Jerry George Snowshoeing, Wrestling
Dave Hurta Medical Liaison
Pat Lechelt Hockey (F), Curling
Sean McConnell Alpine Skiing, Biathlon-Ski
James Phillips Dene Games, Volleyball (M)
Liz Tinworth Cross Country Ski, Speed Skating
Michelle Toner Futsal (F), Snowboarding
Ashleigh Wills Futsal (M), Gymnastics

Team Alberta North Uniform

Walk Out Jacket and Pants, Hoodie, Long Sleeve Shirt, Toque and Backpack

  • Do NOT wear team clothing until Games departure day.
  • Must wear the Team Alberta North jacket when arriving in Whitehorse.
  • Put your name on the inside of your clothing as there will be hundreds like yours.
  • Do NOT trade clothing until after completion of sport competition or Games Closing Event.

Travel To & From the Games

  • Participants MUST Arrive 90 minutes prior to departure at the airport.
  • Teams to check in at the Air North kiosk with the Team Alberta North volunteers.
  • Each participant is allowed one carry on (Team Alberta North back pack), one personal luggage bag (maximum 50 lbs) and sport equipment (if applicable). Luggage tags will be provided to you at the airport.
  • Remember to wear your Team Alberta North walk out jacket when you arrive in Whitehorse!
Travel TO the Games - Saturday, March 14
Flight Departure From Departure Time Arrival Location Arrival Time
101 Fort McMurray 8:05 am Grande Prairie 9:15 am
102 Grande Prairie 10:00 am Whitehorse 11:00 am
131 Grande Prairie 9:05 am Whitehorse 10:00 am

Travel FROM the Games - Saturday, March 21
Flight Departure From Departure Time Arrival Location Arrival Time
101 Whitehorse 8:00 pm Grande Prairie 10:50 pm
102 Grande Prairie 11:35 pm Fort McMurray 12:40 am
(Sun., Mar. 22)
131 Whitehorse 8:30 pm Grande Prairie 11:15 pm

Travel Documentation

Remember to bring travel documents. Athletes under 16 require a minimum of Alberta Health Care card and anyone over 16 requires Government Issued Photo ID or Passport.

What to Bring

  • Team Alberta North clothing and backpack
  • Sport competition clothing and equipment
  • Alberta Health Care card & Travel documents
  • Pillow
  • Towels
  • Personal medications & toiletries
  • Charging cords

Please leave electronics and valuables at home. If you don't need it, don't bring it!


Carry On Luggage

Security is strict on what you can and cannot bring on the plane. Be careful what you pack. You’re allowed to bring liquids, gels and aerosols in your carry on if the items are packaged in containers not more than 100 ml/100 g (3.04 oz), and that they fit in one clear, closed and re-sealable plastic bag no bigger than one litre.

Luggage Tags

Team Alberta North participants will receive Games luggage tags at the airport in Grande Prairie and Fort McMurray. Luggage tags will be identified by colour and related to accommodations.

Remember to clearly label all personal belongings and luggage.

Luggage limit per person:
One checked bag (maximum 50 lbs), one carry on and one sport equipment bag (if required).

Put your name and address inside your luggage too!


You’ll receive your accreditation from your Mission Staff when you arrive in Whitehorse. You must wear the tag at all times. You’ll need it to enter accommodation, the cafeteria and sport venues.

Athletes’ Village

Team Alberta North participants will be housed in six schools, based on gender, sport and contingent. Classrooms will be set up with bunk beds. Each participant will receive a sleeping bag.

School Sport
Elijah Smith Elementary Figure Skating, Hockey (M), Speed Skating
FH Collins Secondary Hockey (F), Volleyball
Jack Hulland Elementary Archery, Badminton, Cross Country Ski, Wrestling
Porter Creek Secondary Culture, Dene Games, Futsal
Selkirk Elementary Alpine Skiing, Curling, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing
Vanier Catholic Secondary Arctic Sports, Biathlon-Ski, Gymnastics

Security is on site 24 hours/day

  • Accreditation tags are required to enter the athletes’ accommodations.
  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm. Curfew is 12:00 am (midnight). Coaches may set earlier curfews for their teams.
  • Cleaning services will be provided to common areas only. Please keep your classroom clean.
  • Food is allowed only in designated areas.
  • Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited.
  • Damages to any room will be reported to Mission Staff and charged to the respective Provincial Sport Organization or sport team.
  • Participants are reminded to be courteous to other athletes who will need rest in order to compete.
  • All Team Alberta North participants must stay in the athletes’ accommodations for the duration of the Games.

Shower Schedule

Showers at the schools are limited so some sports will be required to shower at their sport venue.

Food Services

The cafeteria is located at Yukon College.

A grazing style menu including soups, sandwich bar, pizza and pasta stations is available from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. Specific meal times are:

Breakfast 6:00 am – 9:00 am
Lunch 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Dinner 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Bags and sport equipment will not be allowed in the cafeteria. Food and beverages can not be taken out of the cafeteria.

Lunch at Sport Venues

For athletes, coaches and managers not able to return to the Athletes’ Village for a meal due to competition, a light meal or a snack box at the sport venue may be available for your sport. Check with your Mission Staff if your sport is eligible.

Sport Venues

Click here to see a map of the venues.

School Sport
Alpine Skiing Mount Sima
Archery Yukon Convention Centre
Arctic Sports Vanier Catholic Secondary School
Badminton Yukon College
Biathlon – Ski Grey Mountain
Cross Country Ski Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre
Culture Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre / Yukon Arts Centre
Curling (F-M) Mount McIntyre Recreation Centre
Dene Games Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre / Shipyards Park
Dene Games Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre / Shipyards Park
Figure Skating Canada Games Centre
Futsal (F-M) Porter Creek Secondary School
Gymnastics Vanier Catholic Secondary School
Hockey (F-M) Takhini Arena / Canada Games Centre
Snowboarding Mount Sima
Snowshoeing Shipyards Park / FH Collins Secondary School
Speed Skating Canada Games Centre
Speed Skating Canada Games Centre
Volleyball (F-M) Canada Games Centre
Wrestling Canada Games Centre


Athlete Entertainment Lounges

Each accommodation venue will have an Active Lounge (gym or cafeteria open 10:00 am – 10:00 pm) for participants to socialize and interact with team members and meet youth from other contingents from the circumpolar north. Sport equipment may also be available.

The Quiet Lounge at each accommodation venue will have activities such as board games, reading, pin trading, yoga and crafts. Workshop/activities (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm) at the schools may include karaoke competitions, rhythm drumming, and movie nights. The same workshops/activities will take place at each school but scheduled on different days.

Note: Only participants accredited for that specific accommodation can access Lounges and activities scheduled within that school.

  • Wifi is available at each accomodation venue and the password will be posted in the Active and Quiet Lounges.


The Aquatic Centre at the Canada Games Centre will host two dedicated AWG swims for Games participants only:

Tuesday, March 17 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday, March 20 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Games participants will have free access to the Aquatic Centre throughout the Games during public swim times.

Shipyards Park Fun Day

Enjoy sledding, team games and kick sledding demonstrations. Warm up by the fire sipping on hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

Saturday, March 21 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Shipyards Park

Internal Transportation

Bus Loops at the Games operate 5:30 am to 11:00 pm.

  1. A bus loop that goes only to accomodations
  2. A bus loop that goes to sport venues.

Every bus will stop at Yukon College.

Alpine Skiing, Biathlon-Ski, Snowboarding and Hockey will have dedicated bus routes.

All accredited participants will also have free access to city transit.


Event Location Date Time
Opening Ceremonies Takhini Arena Sunday, March 15 6:30 pm
Closing Event Canada Games Centre Saturday, March 21 5:30 pm

Cultural Gala

The Arctic Winter Games Performing Arts Gala featuring cultural participants from each contingent will be held at the Yukon College Arts Centre on Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20. A ticket is required to attend. Athletes will have access to a dress rehearsal on March 19, should their schedules permit.

Medical Services


The Polyclinic is located at Yukon College and is open daily 8:00 am - 10:00 pm.

The Polyclinic is available for athletes, coaches and managers for basic assessment and treatment by physicians and nurses. Other on-call services will be available, e.g. dentists.

Athletes must be accompanied by a coach, manager, or mission staff on their initial visit. A physician’s referral is required for all services offered at the Polyclinic. Services are available on a first come first serve basis.

No preventive tape will be provided. Each team will be responsible for taping their own athletes.

Medical Services at Sport Venues

Medical coverage at the sport venues is based on the risk assessment of each sport. If more than basic first aid is required, participants will be sent to the hospital. A coach or mission staff must accompany a participant to the hospital and an athlete must show their accreditation in order to register. Participants requiring emergency care will be transported via ambulance.

Medical Liaison

Dave Hurta is Team Alberta North’s Medical Liaison. He is the link between the Host Society and Team Alberta North. Although Dave will not be allowed to treat athletes, he will offer expertise and observe athletes if necessary.

Host Broadcast Partner

SportsCanada.TV will be webcasting the following events at AWG 2020:

  • Opening Ceremonies –Takhini Arena
  • Arctic Sports – Vanier Secondary
  • Basketball – FH Collins
  • Dene Games – KDCC and Shipyards Park
  • Figure Skating – Canada Games Centre
  • Futsal – Porter Creek Secondary
  • Hockey – Takhini Arena & CGC
  • Speed Skating – Canada Games Centre
  • Volleyball – Canada Games Centre

Social Media

Team Alberta North

Follow us and share your experiences leading up to and at the Games.

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2020 Arctic Winter Games

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Media Tips

Don’t be surprised if you’re approached by the media in Alberta or Whitehorse. You are named to Team Alberta North and that is a big news story, especially in your hometown. The media is interested to find out more about you and your team. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are interviewed.

Be Positive – No one likes someone who is complaining about things, such as the way that you think things were organized. No matter how you feel, think of something positive to say in every situation.

Sight Bites – Someone who makes an embarrassing or inflammatory gesture or remark is liable to become a sight bite. The cameras and microphones are always on you and you do not want to do or say something that could embarrass you or your team.

Difficult Situation – If you run into a difficult situation, saying nothing is the worst thing that you can do. It gives the media the opportunity to assume the worst and say or write whatever they want. Whether you get your message across or on a written statement, press conference, or in an interview, know your message, deliver it, and then move on. If you don’t, the difficult situation could become worse.

Be Brief – Answers should be short, to the point and colourful. Long answers are boring, difficult to follow and may offer the media more information than you want to.

Things to avoid – Avoid dating your responses with words like tonight, tomorrow and today. Try not to say –yes or –no. Don’t use slang or swear words or say –um, -you know or –like.

Inventory of Stories – If you or your team wins an ulu then you can predict which questions you will be asked. There are many issues and stories that will come up which you can relate to and have many great quotes ready.

Parent Information


Super passes, Opening Ceremonies and Gold medal hockey games tickets are now on sale at awg2020.org. Cultural Gala tickets will only be sold through the Yukon Arts Centre and 2020 AWG office.

Accommodation & Visitor Information

Visit awg2020.org

Important Contact Info

Chef de Mission Michelle Deering 587-989-4023
Assistant Chef de Mission Steven Patrick 587-989-4037
Medical Liaison Dave Hurta 780-518-2278
Team Alberta North Email alberta@canadagames.ca
Team Alberta North Website albertasport.ca/team-alberta/arctic-winter-games
Host Society Website awg2020.org
AWG International Committee Website arcticwintergames.org