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Hi There,

My name is Marie-Andrée, but you can call me Marie . Thank you very much for taking the time to browse my website.

I have a wonderful job as an Administrative Assistant with the Government of Alberta, which allows me to work on a variety of side projects. While I am learning more and more about the Non-Profit sector, I have a job that I love and that gives me the opportunity to still work on the side, on a variety of projects. These projects are mainly related to all things web, graphic design and geographic Information system (GIS). I am often enrolled in courses, in my spare time, to improve my knowledge and skills.

When I first graduated in the field of graphic design, it was mostly about HTML and CSS, but now, there is so much more and I love it. I enjoy coding and work comfortably with HTML5 and CSS3. I completed an online PHP Programming Certificate where I learned to appreciate the use of databases. I also completed a bootstrap module from BCIT, and it is absolutely wonderful. The era of borderless online learning is endless!

I would be happy to discuss any of your projects and/or collaborate with you and your team.

Thank you,



Adobe Software
Google Maps API


  1. 2002
    DEC in Social Sciences

    Diploma in Social Sciences from Collège de la Region de l'Amiante

  2. 2005
    B.A. in Geography

    Bachelor of Geography in Laval University

  1. 2010
    Digital Media Production Diploma

    Edmonton Digital Arts College
    (formerly Guru Digital Arts College)

  2. 2017
    PHP Programming Certificate

    George Brown College

Design graphic


I really enjoy creating collections of imagery for infographics.

Data on the Aspiring Leaders Development Program
Data on the Aspiring Leaders Development Program
DMAE and ADMAE Nomination Process
Deputy Ministers’ Awards of Excellence (DMAE) and W-T Region Assistant Deputy Minister’s Awards of Excellence (ADMAE) Nomination Process
Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
Empowering the Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace


In 2017, I graduated from George Brown College with a PHP Programming certificate. I learned to build dynamic, data-driven websites. I also studied how to design, query and maintain websites using MySQL relational databases.

2020 AWG Media Booklet
2020 Arctic Winter Games Media Booklet


Nail Salon website
Tips Like Sugar



I can use JavaScript to enhance website designs or help build more intuitive and interactive templates.

Websites are now expected to be responsive depending on the user’s interaction. I really enjoy working on a variety of creative projects.

  • Couch
    • Couch Black & White
    • Couch Leather
    • Couch Red
    • Couch Picnic
  • Cushion
    • Cushion Black & White
    • Cushion Leather
    • Cushion Party
    • Cushion Picnic
  • Armchair
    • Armchair Black & White
    • Armchair Leather
    • Armchair Party
    • Armchair Picnic
  • Curtains
    • Curtains Black
    • Curtains Picnic
Styling Game

This example demonstrates a designing game where the user can select different options to style the room.

Go ahead, give it a try!

Logo Animation


  • svg file
  • Keyframes


Accessibility is definitely a buzz word these days. Using semantic HTML with proper elements and modern structure is something that I want to develop.

Peer-to-Peer Website


  • Web Experience Toolkit (WET)
  • Form Submission
  • Visit Website


In terms of content management system (CMS), I can work comfortably with WordPress. As much as I like coding, in some cases, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Versatile Interiors System Ltd.
Versatile Interiors System Ltd.


WordPress - Project in Development

This project is in development, stay tuned for updates.

Miscellaneous Projects

2020 Arctic Winter Games Newsletter
2020 Arctic Winter Games Newsletter

This website was my real first experience using Bootstrap. Wow, game changer!

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campground Map
Campsite Info Tool

Click on the campgrounds map to see additional information.

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Cotton Candy Bakery
Cotton Candy


  • Map API Design
  • and a lot of sweetness.
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GIS Online Mapping

Often, I am being asked why I did a BA of Geography. I truly think location plays a big role in a persons upbringing and also is one of the factors in some business success.

I take great interest in geographic information system (GIS) and am always thinking of projects that could be useful or just for fun.

Location Study
Location, Location, Location

This geographical study has purpose to locate all French schools in the city of Edmonton and to outline the LRT line, in order to have an easy access to downtown.

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2020 AWG Contingents
2020 Arctic Winter Games Contingents

This project is to locate the Arctic Winter Games contingents and to verify if a location is north of the 55th parallel.

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8624 190a Street
Edmonton, AB T5T 4Y3


(780) 566-1541