2020 Arctic Winter Games - Media Booklet



The medal awarded at the Arctic Winter Games is designed in the shape of an Ulu, the legendary knife of the Arctic. The Ulu is the traditional Inuit knife and has been commonly used as an all purpose tool in the Arctic for centuries.

The Ulu has become a symbol of athletic achievement at the Arctic Winter Games where Gold, Silver and Bronze Ulus are awarded to athletes who finish 1st,2nd or 3rd respectively.

Hodgson Trophy

At the conclusion of each Arctic Winter Games, the Arctic Winter Games International Committee presents the Hodgson Trophy to the contingent whose athletes, coaches and mission staff best exemplify the ideals of sportsmanship.

The distinctive trophy was donated in 1978 by Commissioner S.M. Hodgson of the Northwest Territories. The trophy is a native Inuit piece of artwork from the Canadian Arctic.

trophy, which is mounted on a soapstone base. A walrus carved into the base wraps itself around the tusk, symbolizing “reaching for the top” in athletics and sportsmanship.

Previous Winners of the Hodgson Trophy are:

Year Region
1978-88 Yukon
1990 Alaska
1992 Northwest Territories
1994 Greenland
1996 Northwest Territories
1998 Yukon
2000 Nunavut
2002 Greenland
2004 Nunavut
2006 Alaska
2008 Nunavut
2010 Alaska
2012 Nunavut
2014 Greenland
2016 Alaska
2018 Alaska
Hodgson Trophy

Fair Play Pin

The Arctic Winter Games International Committee produces Fair Play pins for distribution to athletes, coaches, volunteers and officials at the Games. Fair Play pins are presented to those individuals who demonstrate an understanding of the philosophy of the Arctic Winter Games and exemplify the spirit of fair play during the Games. Arctic Winter Games International Committee Board Members, Chefs de Mission and the head official from each sport are provided with a number of these pins to present to individuals who exemplify fair play during the week.

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